Name: Akasha

Age: Eternal

Race: God (Elemental Spirit)

Family: Four Hydras (Children)

Occupation: Elemental Spirit of Water, Goddess of Water

Aliases: The Devourer, Goddess of Water, The Hydra, Goddess of The Seas

Akasha The Devourer, more commonly known as The Hydra, is the Element of Water incarnate, and one of the most powerful of the Elemental Spirits, being on par with Radalok. Despite having been lover to the Fire God, she is his mortal enemy. As the physical manifestation of the waters that flooded the land during the forging of the world, she is a Primordial. She is the Goddess of Water, and the Four Hydras were at one point part of her.


Akasha, being a Primordial, is one of the largest beings in the world. Her scales are several different shades of blues, melding flawlessly with the waters she rules over. What parts of her body seen above water have been are well over a hundred feet tall, however, the main bulk of her body is even larger underwater. Her tails are over 200 feet long, and she has a much more aquatic reptilian appearance than normal Hydras. She always has at least three heads, two smaller ones on each side of the much larger, main one. She has been known to have dozens of heads at once.