Name: Amber

Age: Eternal

Race: Eternal, primordial being

Family: Ana, Areseli, Amelia (Sisters)

Affiliations: The Four Sisters

Occupation: Famine

Birthday: Origin of eternity

Aliases: The Black Rider, The Eternal Hunger

Amber is the youngest of The Four Sisters, and one of the most powerful entities to exist. 


No one knows what Amber's true form looks like, though she has been seen as a mass of black smoke once. When she appears, she takes the form of a young woman, with ghostly pale skin and long black hair. Whenever first taking human form, she appears extremely famished, and must feast to return to power. She always wears a simple black dress, has black eyes, and has black markings over them. She wears a necklace with a black gem in it.

Amber's true form was the second to last of her sisters to be revealed. It is that of a titanic chimera-like creature, with multiple heads. Her heads are as follows; A dragon, a hydra, an eagle, a mantis, an ox, a viper, a tiger, a heron, a lion, and a wolf. Given the complete representation of the Elemental Gods and the fact that each head is capable of unleashing a respective elemental attack, it has given to the belief that Amber may have been the creator of The Primordials and their elementals. This is merely speculation, however, as it is known that Ana created Radalok herself.