Name: Amelia

Age: Eternal

Race: Eternal, primordial being

Family: Ana, Araseli, Amber (Sisters)

Affiliations: The Four Sisters, World Medical Council (loosely)

Occupation: Pestilence, Leader of World Medical Council

Birthday: Origin of Eternity

Aliases: The Green Rider, The Queen of Suffering, Dr. Green

Amelia (not to be confused with Amy) is the second youngest of The Four Sisters, and one of the most powerful entities to exist. She is also ironically, although poetically, the founder and leader of the World Medical Council. 


When taking human form, Amelia appears as a lightly shaded tan colored woman, with deep green eyes. She has neck length wavy black hair, and is much more curvier than her sisters. She usually wears a elegant black suit, with a green collared shirt beneath, and a necklace with a green gem in it. This was all under the guise of a doctor, however, and she has since been seen wearing a large, dark green cloak with little clothing beneath. 

Amelia's true form has been revealed, being the first of The Four Sister's to show it. She retains her head, arms and torso, but is nude, and her skin is a very sickly green. She has bright green veins all over her stomach, breasts, arms and face. She has little hair on her head, looking incredibly twisted compared to her very attractive human guise. The most distrubing feature of all, is that her torso ends with the body of a gigantic centipede like form. She has hundreds of legs, and was shown being much larger than a large house. Her mouth opens both vertically and horizontally to reveal two deadly pincers, as well as a grotesque, bloated looking tongue. The color of the arthropod segment is a dark green. When see with her sisters in an unknown and unnamed plane, she was just as colossally tall as her siblings. 

Abilities & PowersEdit

As the embodiment of sickness and disease, Amelia can freely manipulate every illness in existence, and create new ones on a whim. She can spread diseases en mass with nothing more than her presence, and has been seen creating new viruses in the palm of her hands.

In her true form, Amelia is so powerful that the only one capable of stopping her was Ana.