Name: Amir Re

Age: 201

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Slain by Archerios; Shattered neck

Race: Werecat (Tiger strain)

Family: Re Family, Kahn (mentor)

Affiliations: Sun Tribe

Occupation: Prince of Sun Tribe

Birthday: June 8

Amir was the prince of The Sun Tribe, and was among the first arrival of the Werecats into the land of Haven. Fiercely loyal, he was one of the greatest prides of his people.


Being of the powerful Tiger strain, Amir had an impressive physique. He stood just over 7 feet tall, and had very broad shoulders with a large muscular body. His head and facial features were streamlined and somewhat flat, and he had the typical orange fur with black stripes. He wore a fitting fine silk vest with red and gold embroiderings, with a lightly armored fustanella.