Name: Aqani Mar

Age: 27 (Debut at 21)

Status: Alive

Race: Human (Elemental)

Family: Mar Family

Affiliations: Sho'ari Tribe

Occupation: Water Elemental

Birthday: July 3

Aliases: Hyrdro Priestess Mar

Aqani is a young woman from The Southern Jungles, and is the current Elemental of Water. She is a Hydro Priestess of the Sho'ari Tribe.


Aqani has dark skin, and somewhat short brown hair which is kept in a very short tail, with long bangs down the left side of her face. Her eyes are brown, but can turn dark blue when channeling her powers. When first seen, she wore tribal clothing under a long dark blue cloak. She still wears this type of clothes, but has been seen wearing more civilized garments when outside the jungle. As of her second appearance, she now has long tattoos of hydras going down her arms, and the symbol of her people on her back.


It wasn't until Aqani's second appearance that much of her personality was made known. When she first appeared, she was undergoing a rite of passage, and saught out Taylor and attacked him. She did not speak much, but was visibly displeased with herself after she was defeated. It wasn't until the second time she appeared, once again to challenge Taylor, that she spoke the common tongue and revealed more about herself. A highly spiritual woman, Aqani is fully devoted to her Goddess Akasha, and takes being the Elemental of Water as a divine honor. At first she struggled, if not outright could not control her anger from being in Taylor's presence, because as she put it, they are destined archenemies and she was very aggressive in her attack. However, she is actually a sincere and kind person who does not hold grudges, as seen when she actually saved Erykas and Mynna from the Kran'os Tribe. However, she made it know that while she does not consider them enemies, nor does she consider them allies.