Name: Araseli

Age: Eternal

Race: Eternal, primordial being

Family: Ana, Amelia, Amber (Sisters)

Affiliations: The Four Sisters

Occupation: War

Aliases: The Red Rider, The War Goddess

Birthday: Origin of Eternity

Araseli is the second oldest of The Four Sisters, and one of the most powerful entities to exist. 


Araseli takes on the form of a human woman whenever she makes her appearance. This guise is a very tall and very large, intimidating female, with long and wild fire red hair. Her eyes have no pupils and match the color of her hair, she has a couple piercings in her nose as well as her ears. She is incredibly tone and fit, and has particularly large breasts. She has numerous scars covering her entire body, though she can remove them from sight at will.

Ara is always in her battle armor. She wears wicked blood red armor, which contains a large spiked shoulderguard on her right shoulder, plate gauntlets on her right arm, greaves, with more feminine legplates that reveal some of her thighs. Her breastplate is almost literally that, as it only covers her breasts and just the tip of her stomach. She has been known to wear a long flowing red cape.

Araseli was the last of her sisters to have her true form revealed. It is that of a titanic burning entity with demonic features. Her blade is large enough to impale worlds. 


Ara is the most commonly seen Rider, and she herself has stated that the land calls to her like a siren, alluding to the constant conflict and battles that rage across the countries. 

Much like her siblings, although universally seen as evil by the characters of the story, The Red Rider simply does her job and does it well. 


The PackEdit

She personally harbors no grudges against The Pack despite them being the first mortals to ever stop her. She has an interest in Mynna for the young woman's bloodlust, but if there's anyone of the Werewolves that has Araseli's interest it's Erykas. Erykas served as her avatar of war once before, and Ara relishes the chance to unleash the lovely doctor once more.