The Cortez Clan is the family and alliance of the most notorious and dangerous pirates who have ever sailed the seas. At one point, quite literally ruling the seas, they have since faded into legend, and are now spoken in hushed whispers and ghost stories. Very very few members remain, and many of their casualties have come from battling with one another. They are the sworn enemies of Los Diablos, and while not violent, have a hostile rivalry with the McKinley Pack.

They hail from Isla De Cortez, where they live as celebrities and royalty.


Hernandez Cortez (Deceased, Founder)

Ezmeralda Montenegro Cortez (Current Leader, wife of Hernandez)

Julio Cortez (Deceased, brother of Hernandez)

Erica Montenegro (Deceased, sister of Ezmeralda)

Julian Montenegro (Son of Christabella, nephew of Ezmeralda)

Barbossa Cortez (Brother of Hernandez)

Carla Montenegro (Deceased, wife of Barbossa, Sister of Ezmeralda)

Damian Cortez (Deceased, son of Carla and Barbossa)

David Cortez (Son of Carla and Barbossa)

Ricardo Cortez (Deceased, son of Carla and Barbossa)

Maria Cortez (Deceased, Daughter of Carla and Barbossa)

Dahlia Cortez (Daughter of Carla and Barbossa)

Hector Cortez (Son of Hernandez and Ezmeralda)

Hiraldo Cortez (Son of Hernandez and Ezmeralda)

Raul Cortez (Deceased, cousin of Hernandez)

Gabriella Cortez (Daughter of Raul)

Ra Montenegro (Deceased, cousin of Ezmeralda)

The Brothers Carnage (Sons of Hector)

Pirate CrewsEdit

Calavera PiratesEdit

Captain: Fang

Ship: Serrated Moon

Status: Active

Widow PiratesEdit

Captain: Dahlia

Ship: White Widow

Status: Active

Madrastra PiratesEdit

Captain: Ezmeralda 

Ship: La Reina Del Mar

Status: Active only when needed, otherwise retired

Sangre PiratesEdit

Captain: Gabriella

Ship: La Reina Del Oeste

Status: Active

Other MembersEdit

Hilgo Cortez (Youngest son of Hector, was seen as a pirate in the future arc, but as of the current time he is only 10 years old and not a pirate)

Asha Madrani (Was the wife of Hector in the future arc, although it seems highly unlikely this may still come true)