The Elemental Spirits, also known as The Primordials, are the manifestation, and incarnations of the very elements of the world themselves. They were created by Ana to bring balance to the natural elemental order, and they did so, in their own chaotic, destructive way. They are primordial entities, and predate even the various Gods worshipped around the world. They are the most powerful entities that ever resided in the world.

Countless eons ago, the Primordial Elemental Spirits were the rulers of the earth, sea and sky. Ana created them to balance out and bring harmony to the natural elemental order of the world, however, coexistence among the Primal Gods proved to be nigh impossible, as they endlessly waged war with one another. Sensing that if this continued, the world would be destroyed, Ana imprisoned them all for all eternity. 

There are two groups within the Spirits, The Primordials; who's elements were part of the forging of the world, and those who came to be afterwards.

Radalok The Destroyer, the Spirit of Fire.

Akasha The Devourer, the Spirit of Water.

Solarius The Roar, the Spirit of Light.

Eladius The Frozen the Spirit of Ice.

Teradar The Mountain, the Spirit of Earth.

Ciela The Tempest, the Spirit of Wind.

Miya The Sky, the Spirit of Lightning.

Gaiya The Beast, the Spirit of Nature.

Luna The Serene, the Spirit of Moon.

Vespiria The Dread, the Spirit of Venom.

Shadow The Mad, the Spirit of Shadow.