Future Taylor imprisoned

The Future Timeline is an alternate timeline experienced by some members of the pack, as a result of Pierce Verros' teleportation machine (these members of the pack were thought to be dead, and the future timeline reflects this). In this timeline, Haven is under a strict martial law, and werewolves are an accepted, albeit exploited part of society, used for manual labour.

In this future, Alexander Vries and Jessica DeGrandi have a son, Marcus, who is also a werewolf, though he hides his true nature from the military he serves under.

Arriana Skinner is seen briefly, cold and bitter; she hints at being involved with Lucifer Deitus sometime in the past, and appears to blame Vries for it.

Archerios Cloudsmith is deceased, having been killed in a battle, and Alysha Cloudsmith is his surviving daughter with Mynna Avell.

Taylor Verro is imprisoned under Haven City, having destoyed a huge amount of land and people in a draconic rage, after believing Erykas Liandri to be dead.

Pierce Verro is greatly mellowed, and is working as a university professor. He laments the death of Amy Seline, who died as a result of an accident with one of his inventions.

Eamon Liandri lives, and has a large memorial dedicated to the pack members believed to have been slain, when in fact they were sent to the future.