Name: Gavin Meras Adarien

Age: 37

Status: Alive

Race: Half-Dead, (Former), Undead (Class 9, Mad Lord), Human (Elemental, Parallel realm)

Family: Unknown, Queen Calliope (Lover, former), Archmage Sandra (Partner, lover)

Affiliations: (Former) Kingdom of Rodinfall, Mad Lords

Occupation: (Former) Master General of Rodinfall Army, Mad Lord of The Nooses

Birthday: September 14th

Aliases: Lord Gavin, Master Gavin, The Hangman

Gavin was a main character introduced in the previous story arc, Dimensions. He was the Master General of the Rodinfall Army, the highest rank there is, and the right hand of Queen Calliope. 

In the parallel dimension, Gavin was still the military leader of Rodinfall, as the land itself never met its dark demise and was a propserous powerhouse.

However, in the real realm where the story takes place, Gavin was among the first to give his life in defense against the darkness, and was also among the first of the denizens of The Mad World to ascend to what would be known as a Mad Lord.


6'1, Has shoulder length dark brown hair and grey-green eyes.


Abilities & PowersEdit