Name: Hernandez Cortez

Age: 58 (at time of death)

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Shot several times by Hiraldo

Race: Human

Family: Cortez Clan

Affiliations: Cortez Clan 

Occupation: Pirate King, Captain of Calavera Pirates

Birthday: November 11

Aliases: The Pirate King

Bounty: 9,925g

The infamous and legendary Cortez. He was the greatest Pirate of his time, and earned the title of The Pirate King, and founded the globally notorious Cortez Clan. He is the husband of Ezmeralda Montenegro, and the father of Hector and Hiraldo. His name is known and feared around the world. He was the murderer of the DeGrandi Twins' parents. In a as of yet unclear circumstances, he was killed by his own son, Hiraldo. After his death, Hector took the reigns and amassed his own reputation equal, and eventually surpassing, that of this father.