Name: Hiraldo 'Claw' Cortez

Age: 49 (debut at 46)

Status: Alive

Race: Werewolf (Breserker strain)

Family: Hector Cortez, (Brother), Hernandez, Ezmeralda Cortez (Parents), Dahlia, Maria Cortez (Cousins), Cortez, Montenegro (Family)

Affiliations: Cortez Clan, Calavera Pirates

Occupation: First Mate of Calavera Pirates

Birthday: November 2

Aliases: Killer Claw, First Mate Claw

Bounty: 4,000g

Hiraldo, more commonly known as Claw, is the younger brother of Fang, and son of Hernandez and Ezmeralda Cortez. Claw served as the First Mate of his brother's crew, the legendary Calavera Pirates, ever since he was 19 years old. 

When he was 16 years old, he was present for the murder of Jessica and Jeremy DeGrandi's parents. Jessica has since harbored an extremely unstable and dark grudge against him.  


Hailing from the infamous Cortez Clan, Hiraldo is an incredibly large man as is the norm with his family. He is not as large as Fang, but at 6'7 and powerfully built he is an intimidating man. He has long black hair that is usually seen wet, has the emblem of his family over his heart, and has the jolly roger of his crew upon his right arm.