Name: Jericho Muertari

Age: Over 2000

Status: Alive

Race: God, (former) Undead (Spirit,) Werecat (Clouded leopard strain)

Affiliations: Himself, (former) Blood Gods, Sun Tribe

Occupation: God of Decay, (former) Dark Blood Priest, High Priest of the Sun Tribe, Royal Advisor of Sun Tribe

Birthday: December 21

Jericho, was High Priest of the Sun Tribe and advisor to King Ren. One of the oldest characters in the story, Jericho has acquired mass knowledge and power, almost all of it in the dark sacrificial arts. He gladly gave his life in order to rebirth The Bloods Gods, which are actually Vampyres. He was the true main antagonist of The Sun Tribe Saga.

Jericho has undergone and fulfilled an ancient Sun Tribe prophecy, and has ascended from all mortality. He has become a member of The Sun Tribe Pantheon, becoming the new God of Decay.


Appears like a clouded leopard, with grey fur and black and white markings. Wears robes and ritualistic bones.


Jericho is the only character in the entire story, who is truly evil, for simply the sake of, being evil. Once he had a plan, and that plan came to fruitition. Now that his plan has been complete, he now has no plan. He seemingly roams the land for no other purpose other than to bring pain and misery to everyone around him. His intent appears on to throw the balance of nature into utter disarray, for no other reason seemingly other than simply bringing chaos to the world. 

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Jericho has a highly antagonistic relationship with the beautiful tigress. Each one considers the other their archenemy, and for good reason. If left unchecked and free, Jericho can singlehandedly destroy the balance of the natural world, and plunge it into chaos and darkness. Syllve knows this, and she has made it her mission to stop him. 

This mutual hatred and disgust stems over a thousand years, as Jericho has held great contempt for the shaman ever since she was a child.