Katarina wraith

Katarina, wraith


Katarina, alive

Name: Katarina Saldar

Age: 35

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Slain by Derek Kane; Gunshot to the head

Race: Human, Undead (Wraith)

Family: Thade Saldar (Brother)

Affiliations: Haven Army, Kingdom of Haven

Occupation: Officer First Class of Haven Army, Captain of Haven Army (former)

Birthday: November 25

Aliases: The Rose

Item of Living: Whip

Brother of Thade Saldar, she was known as Katarina The Rose, for her signature weapon, a spiked whip. She served as a Captain in the Haven Army until her death. Katarina was shot in the head, taking a bullet that was meant for Tara Anders.

Feeling intense remorse and anger at her death; believing she had not yet fulfilled her duty, Katarina's spirit was unable to pass through The Veil. As such, she remained in the realm of the living as a ghost, haunting the tower of the northern barrack where she died. This anger grew to the point where she was able to once again walk the living plane as a Wraith.

Katarina knew that one day the anger that allowed her to have a pseudo chance at life again would overwhelm her. Seven months after she once again walked the earth, the day came when her wrath became uncontrollable. She struck out at her own men, and nearly killed two of them. That night, she confronted Tara, and asked her for permission to die. Tara was given Kata's whip, and destroyed the soul gem within it, releasing Katarina's spirit and at last sending her to rest.