Name: Leonardo

Age: Unknown

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Slain by Kira; Catastrophic meltdown (literally), fatal envenom with mutant Werewolf fang

Race: Vampyre

Family: Kira (Sister)

Affiliations: Malakai Brood

Occupation: Feast Charmer

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: Leo

Leo was one of the younger Vampyres, and the younger brother of Kira. Leo's task within the brood of Malakai was to charm and enthrall women to be their personal foodstock. He captured and enthralled Erykas, and turned her as well as making her his consort for a brief time. When he attempted to slay Alexander Vries for "blinding" his sister, Kira destroyed him in one of the most graphics deaths in the story to date.