Name: Leviathus 

Age: Over 300

Status: Alive

Race: Lar'khiss

Family: Sareesa, Tai (Siblings)

Affiliations: Lar'khiss

Occupation: Leader of Lar'khiss

Birthday: Unknown

Aliases: The God of War

Leviathus (not to be confused with the name given to Malakai by The Sun Tribe), is the leader of the Lar'khiss people and their most powerful warrior. He is the elder brother of Sareesa and Tai.


Like all Lizardmen, Leviathus has no human form so to speak, so he only appears as he truly looks. At an unrivaled 16 feet tall, Leviathus towers over the rest of his kin. His appearance is that of a bipedal Crocodile. His scales are a deep, deep green, and almost look a grayish black. Leviathus sheer size makes him as large as two of his kin standing shoulder to shoulder, which, considering the size of the average Lizardmen, is truly an incredible feat. His eyes are a bloodthirsty red, and he has rows of teeth which can crush even the rare mithril like a twig. He has a long tail that follows five feet behind him. Leviathus is pure muscle. 

His usual casual attire is that of a black silk kimono, while his battle gear consists of a similar red kimono with a single plate shoulder guard on his right shoulder, plate pieces along his left leg, and a steel harness. When in battle, this kimono is always open and undone, revealing a matching blood red sash that falls between his legs.

Abilities & Powers Edit

Being the strongest of all The Lizardmen, Leviathus is one of the most powerful characters in the entire Kings and Beasts story. It has been confirmed that he is fully capable, of taking on the entire Haven Army, all by himself. Leviathus, like the rest of his kin, eats sleeps and breathes battle, living for it. His scales are virtually indestructible, with even the strongest of blades shattering on contact. His scales are so thick and solid, he is capable of actually swimming through lava without harm. His battle prowess rivals that of a God. With his brute force alone, Leviathus can obliterate lesser beings with a single punch. He packs enough power to level a house with just a swing of his tail. 

Even though his scales are tough as diamonds, Leviathus hardly needs the protection. Despite his massive size, his agility is extraordinary. He can tear across battlefields at blinding speeds, leaving behind him death and destruction. To this date, the only person known to have ever actually injured him is his younger brother Tai.

Like all of his kin, his scales grant him superior magic resistance.

Leviathus' claws are as poweful as his teeth, and can effortlessly destroy and pierce the toughest of metals.