Name: Lyle Odrahn

Age:  57 (51 at start, though he looks younger than he is due to werewolf DNA)

Status: Alive

Race: Werewolf (Beserker strain), (Former) Werecat (Panther strain)

Family: Zaya Solari (ex-Mate)

Affiliations: Sun Tribe(former), Kingdom of Haven, Haven Army

Occupation: Grand General of Haven Army, (former) Warrior of Sun Tribe, Grand Marshall of Haven Army 

Birthday: July 3rd

Aliases: MG Lyle, Lord Odrahn

Lyle is a soldier of the Haven army, where he is currently a Grand General, the second higest rank there is. His longest standing post was having served with James Price as a Grand Marshall. At one point in his past he was unceremoniously court marshalled due to his violent nature towards prisoners. He is known for being tough, grizzled and no nonsense, and has a taste for women and hard drinks. Lyle was brought back into service by Price, as his hatred for The Pack rivaled Prices' own. Unfortunatly for Price, Lyle found himself falling in love with a member of the Sun tribe, and became one of them. Lyle was given an ultimatum, and left Haven with the Sun Tribe.

Lyle later returned to Haven after splitting with Zaya. The Sun Tribe left him with large poison-whip scars over his back as punishment for leaving; the poison drawing the cat DNA from his body painfully over several days. Lyle rejoined the Haven military upon his return.


Lyle is a tall, large and rugged looking man, with streaks of grey in his hair and a large scar across his right eyebrow. He has a trimmed beard and usually wears simple and dark colors.