Name: Malakai

Age: Over 2000

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Slain by Jericho; Ritualistic disintegration

Race: Demigod (Prime Vampyre)

Affiliations: Malakai Brood

Occupation: Leader of Malakai Brood, God of the Vampyres

Birthday: Unknown

Leader of the Vampyres and known as Leviathus the Blood God by the Sun Tribe (not to be confused with Leviathus, leader of the lizardmen), Malakai was first to be woken by Jericho to wreak havok upon the world. Malakai had great strength and powers of persuasion, allowing him to control people easily. Malakai found the werewolves of Haven amusing, a species he had not encountered when he last roamed the world, thousands of years ago. He was greatly interested in Archerios Cloudsmith, and respected him for his powers, hoping to turn him into a Vampyre.

Malakai was the first Vampyre ever made, and was the most powerful Vampyre in history. He was the main antagonist of the Blood Saga


In his human form, he stands 6'2, with white skin and shoulder length white hair. His eyes are a deep purple. In Vampyre form, he stands 7'4, with blood red eyes and grey skin. He also possesses massive wings and large claws.