Nila, Venom Elemental

Name: Nila Solari

Age: 91

Status: Alive

Race: Werecat (Panther strain)

Family: Zaya Solari (Sister), Arkore (Cousin)

Affiliations: Syllve, Sun Tribe (former)

Occupation: Venom Elemental, Assassin of  the Sun Tribe (former)

Birthday: September 19

Aliases: Mistress Cobra

Nila was a Sun Tribe assassin, the younger sister of Zaya, and the current Elemental of Venom. Nila, like most Elementals who's elemental line began with wickedness, fell to madness and corruption from the influence of the Firstborn of Venom. She belived herself to be the only true Elemental power, and sought to destroy all the others. She was eventually slain by Lilith, and her soul has been revealed to be in the dark world. 

It is unknown at what cost, or what she used to bargain, but she attained the services of Reaper, and was delivered from the madness, brought back to the world of the living. It seems she requested to be taken to Syllve specifically, as Reaper somehow managed to track her the shaman down, and gave the unconcious girl over to her. 

After spending a year living with Syllve and receiving some tutelage from her, she has since returned to her life as an assassin, now for hire, in the land of Ulia.


At 91 years of age, Nila is still considered a young adult in terms of her peoples age span. As a panthress, her fur is fine and black, and she has rather long jet black hair. Her eyes are naturally bright purple, born with them that color even before she became an elemental. 

She has a lithe, slender body, highly attuned to stealth and agility than brute force (however, being what she is, she is still far stronger than a normal person). She has slightly curvy hips, and her tail is longer than a normal panther. Even for a Werecat of her strain, Nila's claws are able to grow double the length of normal, and are extremely sharp and deadly.