There are numerous races of intelligent, sentient beings in the land of Haven and beyond.


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Humans are, as one would expect, the prominent race of the world. They range from specatular heroes, to the everyday working man, to despicable greedy nobles. 


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Werewolves are a race of bipedal wolflike humanoids, and is the race of the story's main protagonists. Hated by most of the humans just for existing, they only wish to find their own place in the world.   ...Most of the time. 

Sun TribeEdit

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The Sun Tribe is a race of werecats, and down to even the cellular level, are mortal enemies of all Werewolves. They live in a land far to the east of Haven, across the Kassa Sea. Although almost all Sun Tribe loathe Werewolves with a passion, there are a few who do not, such as Syllve, who is now a member of The Pack, and Asha, who stayed behind in Haven to keep the cub princess hidden. 


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If Haven was Earth, then The Lizardmen home island would be called Sparta. Warriors of unmatched power, their leader could possibly take on the entire Haven Army all by himself. 


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The Ursing were a race of bipedal bearlike humanoids famous for their wisdom and raw strength. They once lived in the farthest reaches of The Northern Mountains, in the Glacial Expanse. The Ursing are now extinct, with the sole remaining member being Nikolai.