Name: Ren

Age: Over 2000

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Betrayed by Jericho; Plagued 

Race: Werecat (Lion strain)

Family: Sun Tribe Royal Family

Affiliations: Sun Tribe

Occupation: King of The Sun Tribe

Birthday: June 20

Aliases: Lord of The Sun, King Ren

Ren is the late King of The Sun Tribe, mate of Xelia, and the father of Tyrannius, Amir, Katasi, and Vira. He was a major antagonist of the Sun Tribe Saga, having personally declared war on both The Pack and Haven. Ren was betrayed by Jericho, but this act was not revealed until it was far too late. Jericho had made the King fall with an illness that he never recovered from. 


King Ren stood at almost 7 feet tall, and was a renknowned as the most fearsome, and handsome, lion that ever lived. His mane is said to have been blessed by Solarius himself, and was a vibrant golden color with all the colors of the sun. His eyes were a pale yellow, and he had a large scar down the right side of his chest. 


Ren was a man of honor, a king who valued the support and trust of his people. While he still saw werewolves as fodder, he was actually not as openly hostile towards them as most of his kind are. He was a noble ruler, and tended to always give situations a deep insight before making a decision. 

However, when the drums of war sounded, Ren was a headstrong and fearless warrior. While he was always open to hear all sides of a story, if his family, or people, came under any kind of harm, he was not open to negotiations or talks of any kind. He would wipe out any and all who would dare disturb his kingdom's prosperity. In battle, he was almost reckless, and seemed to enjoy combat to a degree.

Abilities & PowersEdit

As king of The Sun Tribe Empire, Ren had total control and authority of his people. When fighting, he took an extremely offensive approach, overwhelming his foes with a fierce onslaught from which they could not defend themselves against. He was widely believed to be the most powerful of all werecats when he was alive, but he has openly stated that Asha was his superior when it came to combat.