Throughout the story, there have been and are numerous running gags to help add humor. These gags include...

- Price being allergic to doorknobs, and therefore must kick all doors open

- Eamon's pinch of death

- Archerios acting as if nothing ever happened whenever someone returns from a long absence

- Vries' nose being broken

- Taylor being forgotten and left behind

- Eamon speaking in a high class british accent when angered enough

- Vries being hurt in ridiculous ways at ridiculous times

- Ana always eating when she appears

- Pierce's extremely poor sense of direction

- Jeremy hitting on Erykas and being rejected and slapped

- Pierce's inventions malfunctioning and exploding

- Eamon never visibly aging

- Amanda's unit taking her physical abuse in the name of love

- Vira being seemingly indestructible

- Raith struggling to pronounce long words in the common tongue

- Asha's fear (or in her words, "mistrust") of any and all foot related clothing

- Jessica's inability to handle seeing gore up close, and fainting often