Name: Sun Tribe

Leader: Kitasi Re

Royal Family: Re Family

Military Leader: Kahn Madrani

Territory: Sun Tribe Empire

Capital City: Sol

Population: At least over 100,000

Army Size: At least 50,000

Allies: Unknown

Enemies: Werewolves, Eladyne Tribe, Haven

The Sun Tribe is a large and vibrant civilization, consisting of the warrior Werecats, who are extremely long-lived (some members are thousands of years old). They inhabit the jungles in a land across the sea from Haven and form their own mighty empire, and are one of the oldest nations in all the world. The Sun Tribe resembles the earth Aztec in culture, reveling in mysticism and blood sports. Sacrifices and war games are a common occurence, and the tribe uses hunting and killing the small amount of feral werewolves in the area for sport.

The tribe is led by their Queen, Kitasi, who due to mysterious circumstances, was forced to succeed her brother Tyrannius. When they were first introduced, they were lead by their father, Ren.

The Sun Tribe are direct descendants of the Sun God, Solarius, and he is the leader of their pantheon. They consider themselves mortal enemies of Luna, and all wolfkind, and are mortal enemies of the Eladyne, their renegade sister tribe who worship Eladius.

Shamans are held in high regard, acting as advisors to the King and teachers for the people. 

An ancient Sun Tribe sect worshipped Leviathus The Blood God (see Malakai ), and a great city is built around a now ruined temple dedicated to him. Worship of (and even the mere mention of) the Dark God is now outlawed, for fear of invoking extremely dark magics. After Jericho's ascension to godhood, the dark gods are once again worshipped by some.