Name: Thade Rossin Saldar

Age: 39 

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Slain by Tara; Executed 

Race: Human

Family: Katarina Saldar (Sister)

Affiliations: New Land Army, Haven Army (former)

Occupation: Grand Commander of New Land Army, Master General of Haven Army

Birthday: August 22

Aliases: Lord Saldar, Master Saldar, Blademaster Thade

Bounty: 2,500g

Brother of Katarina Saldar, Thade was a Master General of the Haven Army and one of its most respected, and best commanders. Extremely unhappy with the direction Haven was going, Thade began a rebellion that would go on to be one of the greater conflicts in the land of Haven. The civil war he began lasted roughly 6 months, and would go on to be known as Thade's Rebellion. He was the main antagonist of his rebellion saga.


Thade had jet black hair with streaks of deep crimson. He had pale green eyes and a large scar across his right eye that went down across his lips. 

He was a particularly tall man, standing at 6'9. He had broad shoulders, and despite being quite muscular, was lithe. His armor was dark silver with engravings of eagles. He wore the bright red cape of a Master General while seen as the respective rank, and later a deep red cape and black armor with eagle markings when he was the leader of his own army.


Stoic, always observing, and always planning, Thade was considered one of the best tacticians in all of Haven. With vast knowledge of military texts and strategy, he was constantly one step ahead of his foes. 

He had a reserved nature about him, that incorrectly lead others to believe he was a humble man. Thade was exceedingly confident and proud of his abilities and prowess, he simply let them do the speaking for him. 

Either jealousy (likely) or masogony (less likely but still possible) began to sow seeds of strife within the Master General. Extremely upset that Tara Anders was promoted ahead, and above him, shattered his plans to one day lead Haven's forces to greatness. He refused to take orders from a woman, and had little respect for lower rank officials. 

Abilities & PowersEdit

Thade was considered by many to be one of the best fighter's Haven had to offer. Not only was he a masterful tactician, but he was incredibly gifted with his skills in combat. Thade used a 5 foot long curved eastern sword with deadly effect, and was one of few within the Haven Army to hold the title of Blademaster. He cut his foes down swiftly and barely gave them any opening for counterattack.

Also being a leading strategist, Thade was constantly outsmarting his enemies and causing confusion among enemy camps. He excelled in isolating and eliminating large armies with his forces, and was always one step ahead.