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Name: The Pack (sometimes called Cloudsmith Pack)

Leader: Archerios Cloudsmith, Alexander Vries (In absence of Arch)

Home: Blackwood Manor

Population: 18

Allies: Kingdom of Haven, Eamon Wurld, Darkwalker Pack, McKinley Pack, The Westfold, Cortez Clan

Enemies: Jara'Guar Empire, Northern Republic, Diablos

The Pack consists of all the werewolves loyal to Archerios Cloudsmith, the first of their kind. Archerios leads the pack from whatever place they call home, currently a large and slightly mystical manor. The Pack is constantly hunted by the army or bounty hunters, as they are generally feared and hated across the land for their very nature (not to mention a fair amount of bloodshed on their part). Not all members are Werewolves, but they remain loyal to one another nonetheless.

Following the aftermath of the Ganath Saga, all criminal charges and bounties on The Pack have been abolished, and the land of Haven at last see's them in good light. They are considered among the strongest allies Haven has, with a very small few of them actually being hailed as heroes now.

Members (In order of joining)Edit

Archerios Cloudsmith

Shadow (Deceased, Eternal)

Sombra (Deceased)

Alexander Vries

Pierce Verro

Taylor Verro

Eamon Liandri

Erykas Liandri

Hector Cortez

Timmothy McGraw (Deceased)

Arriana Skinner

Arthur Paige

Mynna Avell

Raith Duskfall

Amy Seline (Deceased)

Shadow and Sombra's Pack

Jeremy DeGrandi (Left, Deceased)

Jessica DeGrandi

Tirion Malar (Deceased)

Teria Malar (Deceased)

Tai Ishikawa

Bernard (Former)

Lillith (Not official)


Alysha Cloudsmith

Marcus Vries


Future Timeline MembersEdit

Jennifer Vries


Ravage Cortez

Havoc Cortez

Brutalus Cortez

Hilgo Cortez

Veronica Duskfall

Numerous Others